Gun Storage Mylar Bag

Gun Storage Mylar Bag
$4.49, 4/$16.00, 10/$35.00

Product Description

A Mylar foil gun storage case, vapor barrier bag. Measures 12"x46" and has a zipper on the one end and when used in conjunction with a oxygen absorber or a desiccant is a perfect way to keep your valuable firearm from rusting in storage. Made from our very strong 7 mil Extreme Mylar.

Please know the measurements of your firearm before purchasing this bag as not all long rifles and shotguns will fit it. Fits an Ar-15, Rugger mini-14 or similar sized firearm great. Bag is 46" long on the outside, however useable space inside is 44".

For handgun or ammo storage bags please check out our 10x16 one gallon zipper bag.

Does not include rifle... sorry.